The Siyakhula Initiative covers the role of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and describes how the underlying principles are put into action by Carrol Boyes. In addition, the initiative spans a number of social investment projects. The following components define Siyakhula:

  • Ownership & Control
  • Employment Equity
  • Skills Development and Training
  • Affirmative Procurement
  • Social Responsibility
  • Enterprise Development
  • Design Initiatives
  • BEE Forum




 As a global brand,Carrol Boyes wants to ensure that we are not only successful in the markets in which we operate, but also that we contribute in a tangible way to the communities in which we do business. This is the reason for the Siyakhula Initiative - We are growing. As we grow, we will continue to recognize keen minds and focus on unlocking human potential.

CaRRol BoYeS Global Diversity Statement:
We, the employees of Carrol Boyes, will value and respect our individual differences. This appreciation of a diverse workforce will help each employee to attain his/her full potential, thereby adding value to our company and giving us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Mission:
To be globally recognized as a world class brand, providing superior quality and unique design through dedication, commitment and passion towards exceptional service.

Our Values: 

  • respect
  • integrity
  • commitment
  • honesty
  • trust
  • recognition

In our dealings with one another and with our customers.

Ownership & Control:
Carrol Boyes is a woman-owned, multicultural organisation which supports gender empowerment, mentoring women of all ages and races within its infrastructure.

"Today I woke up in a place that said to me, be who you want to be."
Zanele Situ was the first Black athlete to win Paralympic gold, bettering the women's javelin record by more than three meters at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.

Employment Equity
We believe that our staff composition, at all levels, should reflect the demographics of South Africa. This has been applied across all the departments such as Stock Rooms, Quality Control, Despatch, Sales, Administration and Finance as well as across all levels of responsibility. To ensure that we meet this objective, we are following a strategic recruitment and selection process. Furthermore, internal and on the job training is available to our staff to ensure that we can grow the necessary skills internally.

Carrol Boyes will also continue the implementation of our Employment Equity Plan, to achieve a far greater representation of previously disadvantaged individuals at all levels of management and across all departments.

The Carrol Boyes Employee Share Trust:
Each and every Carrol Boyes employee is given share options in the Carrol Boyes Employees' Share Trust. This Trust has been formed to give ownership of a share of the Carrol Boyes Retail company to all employees.

The Trust owns 20% of the shares of the Retail Division, being Carrol Boyes Retail (Pty) Ltd.

Employees are beneficiaries of the trust through individual units, which are allocated to each employee based on one unit for every year they have been in the employment of Carrol Boyes, with a bonus unit for every five years of service.

Dividend distribution is calculated on the 30th of June each year.


Skills Development & Training:
Carrol Boyes has in the past run extensive mentorship and training programs for employees from previously disadvantaged sectors with the objective of developing, growing and promoting them to positions of influence and decision making within our local operation. A number of candidates have since been promoted to Junior and Middle Management positions and are being supported by means of on the job training and skills transfer from Senior Managers. Certain applicants have been approved for bursaries to advance their tertiary education.

Various training has been approved for computer literacy for previously disadvantaged individuals.

Carrol Boyes is currently working within the guidelines set by the Sector Education and Training Authorities in South Africa.

"A place where my brother is my brother, no matter what."
In 1969, migrant worker Sipho Mchunu heard about a young english speaking boy who played Zulu music. Mchunu challenged Johnny Clegg to a guitar competition, sparking off a friendship and musical partnership that would change the face of South African music.

Affirmative Procurement:
This is targeted at increasing or expanding the number of historically disadvantaged South Africans that Carrol Boyes is actively involved with. Spreading the distribution of the company's spend into previously challenged areas will increase growth opportunities.

Carrol Boyes has carried out a review of all local business spending in order to direct a significant percentage of this discretionary spend towards black economically empowered, socially active and responsible businesses to further their development and to uplift previously disadvantaged communities.

Social Responsibility

As a developing economy with a legacy of widely divergent income levels and skills, South Africa has no shortage of worthy causes to assist. In order to channel our efforts into sustainable programs, we have identified three main priorities as part of our community and social responsibility programs, namely the fight against HIV/AIDS, the empowerment of woman and the protection of children.

It is the Carrol Boyes company aim to contribute to the upliftment of communities through the transfer of funds, skills and education with the goal of creating sustainability.

Carrol Boyes has made significant financial contributions to the following causes:


 The Children's Hospital Trust serves the children of Africa by promoting the Red Cross Children's Hospital as a centre of paediatric excellence by raising capital for selected needs. All money donated benefits the Hospital directly.

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats it's children."
Nelson Mandela


Established in 1976, RCCTT (Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust) is one of the oldest and most experienced organisations, working within the sphere of violence against women. Member activists have actively addressed the challenges of improving the access to care, treatment and justice for rape survivors, and they have recently gained significant support from government to implement reform policies that will aid survivors.

CANSA is a community-driven and volunteer-based organisation that has been fighting cancer to save lives for the past 77 years. Started in 1931 by a group of medical professionals concerned about the high incidence of cancer, CANSA has grown to become one of the leading cancer NGOs in the country with 45 offices around South Africa and more than 12 000 volunteers and 260 staff members.

Enterprise development:
Carrol Boyes has selected the Monkeybiz Bead Project as our Enterprise Development Partner. The project benefits from the relationship in the following ways:


  • Monkeybiz products are sold and displayed within 23 local and international dedicated Carrol Boyes retail outlets
  • Carrol Boyes also make a sizeable donation to the project on an annual basis

Monkeybiz is a non profit organization, which has created employment for 450 disadvantaged women in Cape Town. Monkeybiz supplies beads to the women in the townships of Mandela Park, Khayelitsha and Phillipi, from which a large assortment of beaded products are made. Each woman is paid according to the merit of their work. The women work from their homes, which means that they can still earn an income whilst tending to their families and saving on transport and child care costs.


"I woke up in a place where it's the size of your heart that counts, not your fists."
'Baby Jake' Matlala, the shortest ever world champion, ended his 22-year professional career on 3 March 2002 with a successful defense of his WBU junior flyweight title.

Open Day Intiative:
Three times a year, Carrol Boyes hosts the Charity Open Day event in various locations around South Africa, selling end of range stock at reduced prices to the end user market. The proceeds from these Open Days go to the benefit and support of a number of local charities.

BEE Forum:
In 2008, Carrol Boyes set up a BEE Forum to drive key BEE processes within the company such as Employment Equity, Skills Development & Training, Preferential Procurement, Social Responsibility and Enterprise Development. The Forum consists of Senior Managers who have influence within these strategic areas of business.

"For generations to come, the abiding image of a patient citizenry in long voting queues on 27 April 1994 will remain deeply etched in the collective memory of the nation. As the world held its breath, South Africans together made their mark to bring into being one of the truly remarkable events of this turbulent century. Once more, we affirmed the truism of human history: that people are their own liberators".
Former President Nelson Mandela, Freedom Day, 27 April 1996.

Carrol Boyes respects those who have worked to build and develop our country and believes that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity.  

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