Buyer Feedback

Buyer Feedback

"I received my sunglasses today and absolutely love them!! Thank you again for your unbelievable service!!" Melinda, Cape Town

"I’ve just received the letter opener & am absolutely thrilled with it! Thanks so much for organizing delivery so swiftly – much appreciated!" Patti Barlin, Gauteng

"I have a daughter living in the UK who is an avid collector of Carrol Boyes items.  Last year I hunted for a particular clock [the 'numbers clock'] - on phoning the Century City store I was informed by Kurt that he had one in stock and would keep it for me.  On arriving at the store he also showed me the credit card holders of which I bought two, all the while we chatted about this and that.

As I am travelling to London again in August I decided to pop into the Century City store to find another gift for Jenni [my daughter].  On entering the store, Kurt gave me such a welcome, remembering my name, that I lived in Hout Bay, worked at Dunes Restaurant and even what I had bought last year - what a memory and what a wonderful persona!

He made suggestions for this year's gift and even made sure I received the special discount on both gifts I had purchased, especially as I had already paid for one and, as an afterthought, bought a second gift. He is such a credit to the Carrol Boyes name. I don't shop at Century City often, but that is where I would go every time and would recommend anyone wanting Carol Boyes gifts to go!" Jayne Bland, Cape Town

"I really must compliment your team on such efficient service!" Maresa Ah Kun, Port Elizabeth

"Thanks a million...goods have arrived safely. Great service!" Anne Llewelyn, Singapore

"Thank you, I am so impressed with your service! Now I have to wait until Christmas to see the delight on my daughter's face for this beautiful gift!!!" - Anonymous so as not to ruin the surprise

"Today I received my pink ribbon pendant from the Carrol Boyes web site, I felt I had to send you this e mail in order to say a very big thank you. I was very impressed with the way you handled my enquiry, how prompt you were to reply to my e mails. Today I am a happy person now that I have my beautiful pendant. Thanks to Carrol Boyes. Thank you for you professionalism, I am telling all my friends about the Carrol Boyes products." - UK based customer, wishing to remain anonymous

"I received all my beautiful Carrol Boyes goodies, and just want to say thank you very much for your excellent service, wish more places had people like you, that will go that extra mile (like with my black Ice Tea Jug) again thank you!" Melinda van Reenen

"Thank you so much for your assistance, much appreciated! I look forward to ordering products online in the future now that I know how efficient the process is." Anelle Rautenbach

"Dear Carrol Boyes, I received a pate knife as gift, which didn’t match my other CB utensils. I wasn't able to ask the slip so i kept the present unopened and took it to your canal walk store today. Your staff were so helpful and exchanged it for me without any hassle. Just wanted to thank you for such great service" Carren Field

"I just want to compliment you on the excellent service I have received from the Carrol Boyes online team. This is my second online purchase and I am truly impressed by the fast turnaround time and friendly service provided. Few online retailers realise the importance of timeous feedback to reassure the client that all is well with their order, but your organisation is refreshingly spot on. Well done and thank you." Susanne Dobelin

"I would really like to thank you for amazing service and if there is anywhere I can send a formal recommendation to or post on your webpage or facebook page, please let me know. It is so rare these days to get good service and you have impressed me immensely. I will be sure to send more gifts this way." Reinet, Dubai

"I have invested in many of your stunning products over the years - and love every single piece I own.  One of the items I've always wanted was the tea trolley - I have the perfect place for it in our brand new home in Cape Town :-) A month or so ago I managed to buy a secondhand one, but it was really in a bad state. I made contact with your team via your website to enquire about restoring and polishing the trolley.  The service I received was absolutely overwhelming - one don't get service like this in South Africa anymore!!! Lauren Adley arranged and facilitated the whole process. Hubert de Rouw at your warehouse accepted the challenge with open arms (literally), and kept me updated all the way.  Yesterday I  collected my trolley, and I am like a little girl with a new toy - I just want to show it to everybody - the trolley looks like 'a million dollars' - brand new :-). I must be one of your happiest clients at the moment - thank you Lauren and Hubert for restoring my faith in awesome service!!! My trolley will now fill it's special place in our new home with pride - a true master centre-focus point indeed." Gerda Gerber

"Thank you SO much for your help with our orders - it's been such a pleasant experience! And thank you so much for the extra box, wrapping paper and ribbon - what a cool touch! I went into the Carrol Boyes shop at Northgate Shopping Centre yesterday, the woman there was just so friendly and professional, the name "Carrol Boyes" represents classy and quality service and goods!" Leanne Shanks

"Thank you so much for an excellent service I received from you. I am so happy with my choice and the condition of the vases!
I received them on friday! Wow 2 days after order. The best turnaround ever! Even better than 'those' who claim to deliver within 48hrs. Thanks so so much, will definitely call again" Lerato Lelaka

"Your team went well and truly out of your way to fulfill my order!!! I can't thank you enough for making that possible! I really appreciate all your help and incredible service. It is rare to find a company that still upholds the qualities of customer service." Kim Cousins

"Thank you for the EXCELLENT service, parcel received today, I am impressed!!!" Tertia Viljoen

"This is just to say a huge “Thank-You” for your fantastic service! Gaylen received her jug and is delighted with her present." Shelayne Torta

"I have allways been a huge carrol boyes client! After the service that I have received from you, I am your best life long client!!! Thanks to Katie Hofmeyer for the good client service and Carrol Boyes for repairing my cutting Board! I will support you allways!!" Liesel Thomas

“Carrol Boyes will forever be at the pinnacle of Cape Town creativity!”
Sharon Joubert

“I love your stuff!” Ingid Bodenstein.

“I love Carol Boyes because it’s functional art that makes a statement!”

“My favorite designs are the man and women designs, arched backs, diving etc.”

“I love Carrol Boyes because it its different, tasteful, elegant and unique.”

“When I have friends over for a dinner party the conversation is always around who has which set of cutlery, as I like to mix and match them together.”

“I have been purchasing Carrol Boyes since she first started to display her goods in a little shop is Sea Point. And now she has grown into most of the upmarket shopping centres.
I prefer her style and quality of goods produced when she first started and this is seen through the limited edition range.”

“I always buy Carrol Boyes for Christmas, birthday and special occasions, and they are always received with the utmost delight.When visiting friends it is always brought up in conversation and if a new item is seen discussion is around who has what range of her products.
I even have my husband admiring it and saying to friends ‘you must see what my wife has bought, you should get one for your wife’s birthday, etc’. Melody

“I love it because it’s functional art. Unique. Durable. Never fails to amuse”“I have 2 items that I love dearly and can't choose: the CAKE STAND - a piece of cake
& CHIP & DIP - laid back” Abigail Moodley

Unique, clean lines and ‘e.g. Suid-Afrikaans’ Liezel van Blommenstein

“I love that your products are unique, locally produces and beautifully designed. It's also easily accessible with numerous stores and online shopping available. As a fellow South African - it is a brand to be proud of! Local is lekker! Warming the heart and a good cup of morning brew. Great to have inspirational women like Carrol uplifting and empowering people both locally and abroad. My favourite designs are the coil woman range and woman range.” Celeste Gomes

“Carrol Boys pieces are so unique and distinctive. Each piece holds a secret, a secret which differentiates these art pieces between anything else. Carrol Boyes turns a home into a passage way for art, and stunning conversation based on these pieces and functional art. I love the woman designs! Pure and truly stunning. I bought the salad servers in this design for my mum. The salt and pepper shakers in this design are also one of my favourites. Also, I am in love with the cone woman vase. Pure perfection.” Tanya Vanessa Kieck

“I love your product because it's stylish, playful and for everyday use. I'm proud to have it in my house for it is proudly South African!! My favourite to spoil my friends with, are the practical bakeware products which are crafted from the finest quality porcelain!!” Amanda Myburgh Pool

“CaRRol BoYes completes my home. ‘She's’ practically part of the family!. She loves having my friends over too as she's the perfect hostess.” Ryan Knoll  

“I love the uniqueness of functionality and art - something Carrol Boyes products always achieve. I love the feel of a stylish piece that fits beautifully in my hand, does its job perfectly and still looks beautiful when left after completing its function. Looks perfect just sitting on a shelf for display too!” Gill Witt Raphael

“Carrol Boyes is stylish! I always get compliments when using my Carrol Boyes goodies. I love your classic styles. Cannot say which one is my favourite!” Colleen James

“I am convinced Carrol Boyes objects make food taste better!!! Their creative functionality delights diners at every table, AND they make the best wedding presents that will not only last a lifetime, but can be used and enjoyed daily!” Ariel Cottrell  

“My absolute favourite piece is my knife because it is beautiful, feels good to hold and was a gift from my beloved late father. On my wish list is the super cool 'man' egg cup and off course the coffee set gift offering!”

“Stylish elegant beautiful works of art and yet functional. lt is always a conversation piece as it’s quirky and simply stunning design. I love all my limited collection but my first piece was the swimming man sugar bowl and is still my favourite - bought in Cape Town during a holiday I had been planning for years! Reminds me why I will return someday soon and add to my wish list, which is extensive.....” Susan Coyle

“I was introduced to the Carrol Boyes range about 9 years ago. I love the fact that 1) Carrol Boyes is home grown 2) has chosen to remain in SA and create jobs for so many 3) That Carrol 'shares' her passion and creativity with us all 4) Carrol encourages art students by encouraging them to do designs which she has shown off in her shops around SA. Her products are unique and usable and I like to support someone like this. My favourite piece has to be my woman coffee table legs! I look at them every day when I walk into my lounge and it sure makes for interesting conversations from time to time. Of the many other pieces: gravy ladle with rest, paper towel rail woman, bottle stopper at rest, chop stick rests, our cutlery set that we use every day, ....all are my favourites ....” Tracy Wood Fenn

“Carrol Boyes is stylish, unique, classy and very versatile and proudly South African :) love the woman design.” Jana De Gois Cardoso

“Carrol Boyes Functional Art is something which is both beautiful and useful, it's a way that we can bring incredible works of creativity into our everyday lives.” Stavros-Andri Phyrillas

“Carrol Boyes is unique, beautifully designed, the carftmanship is always perfect, it's 'functional' and South African :) what's not to love? With one item you can turn a simple table setting or room into a WOW space. Choosing a favourite design would have been way too hard so glad the option was for designs. Although I do have more, I have chosen four; coil, wave, leaf and kiss. Of the pieces I have, Chip and Dip - laid back is my favourite (we continually get asked where we got it from). We always buy wedding gifts and special birthday presents from Carrol Boyes as I know from experience nothing beats the excitement of getting something in the Carrol Boyes packaging, not knowing what it is but knowing it will be fabulous.” Jacqui Towne

“Beautiful, stylish, funky and practical. How can you not fall in love with a CB master piece?” Edna Coetser

“Proudly South African and classy!” Naclanche Steyn

“Your products are unique, useful and quality stands out in each of the products.
Would simplify the phrase, less is more ... as design, art and simplicity come together in the same brand .. Sorry my English but I'm from Argentina , my language is spanish, and every time I travel to South Africa, some Carrol Boyes product comes with me!!” Grace Zunino

“Oe oe ek het so 'n bord & snyder goodies! Mal oor haar goed.” Elsje Durrheim

“I love just love her designs. I have a few pieces which I cherish.” Joanna Pullicino

“GR8, looking fwd to seeing the new website (am related to this artist) cherish my art pieces given as wedding gifts from my parents! My collection is a pate or butter dish and mini knife spreader, a salad bowl with matching salad spoon servers and a huge serving dish mounted on 4 strong built males with a beautiful soup ladle. I serve ice cold gazpatcho soup in summer from this pewter set!” Tammy Messiter-Tooze

“Carrol Boyes, where form and function meet to create the most exquisite display at the dinner table and in your home. The sculpted pieces make even the most bland food taste and look grand! Favorite pieces include water jug, mermaid and merman place settings along with man holding two bowls, one in his hands and one with his legs.” Sandi Allan

“The perfect balance of aesthetic practicality and a touch of African artistry” Nectaria Paphitis Tyropolis

“Fantasmagories!!!” Bets Woest

 “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” The products are quirky, playful and sensual ... I LOVE da Sunglasses” Tokkie de Swardt



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