SOUP MUG - souped up!

SOUP MUG - souped up!

From the private sketchbooks of Carrol Boyes, this is Souped Up

  • Product Code : 0P-SMG-SPD

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Sourcing from her archive of sketchbook drawings, Carrol Boyes was persuaded to make a select few of these public by transferring them to the finest quality porcelain dinnerware to grace your dining table. This is how the Sketchbook ceramic range was born. In this way she has succeeded in transforming humble plates and mugs into bespoke works of art. As Carrol says “I felt it was time to make these private illustrations public and to bring a graphic element to my range.” These quirky designs are attractively and individually gift packaged and make the perfect gift for any occasion.
Product Details
  • Designer : Carrol Boyes
  • Material : Porcelain
  • Collection : Sketchbook
  • Weight : 435g
  • Dimensions : 150 x 120 x 78 mm
Carrol Boyes is the founder, creator and CEO of the Carrol Boyes Group, which is famous for taking utilitarian product designs to unparalleled new heights. As an artist, designer, entrepreneur and successful business woman, Carrol Boyes is unarguably one of the most iconic and well-recognised women in the South African design industry. It hasn’t been all moonlight and roses since its inception; however, strong branding, a passion and commitment to South African design, and an on-going investment in human resources has ensured the continued success of the company. Carrol Boyes’ interest lies in creating three-dimensional, sculptural forms of high-quality tableware and home accessories. She is envied for her originality and timeless designs. CARROL BOYES’ AWARDS: 2008 SA's Most Influential Women in Business and Government Category: Arts & Culture 2008 Rapport / City Press Prestige Women's Awards Category: Phenomenal Women 2005 TUKS Alumni Board's Laureate Award 2004 Top Women in Business and Government Category: Top Women Owned Company 2004 SASSDA Stainless Steel Awards Runner-up: Products Category.
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